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DOC Cloths 10-Pack - Teal

Multi-Layer Rayon Fiber Cloths

The DOC Cloths are uniquely engineered cleaning cloths that combine multiple absorbent layers, wood fiber construction and ideal weave spacing to efficiently trap liquid, dirt and bacteria. Odor- and stain-resistant, these long-lasting cloths also pick up and rinse out up to 99.9% of the bacteria they absorb... using only warm water! And since they're reusable, you'll save tons on paper towels and smelly chemicals.

  • Wipe up and rinse away 99.9% of germs & bacteria using just warm water!

  • Use in many areas of the home or workplace

  • Replace your paper towels and chemicals for safe cleaning all around the home!

  • Rayon fiber is uniquely woven into the multi-layer design for durability and extreme absorption

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Multi-layer construction
  • Designed with 8 highly absorbent layers

  • Uniquely engineered to trap liquid, dirt and bacteria
  • Wipes up to 99.9% of dirt and bacteria form non-porous surfaces
  • Rinses out up to 99.9% of absorbed bacteria and dirt when rinsed under running water

  • Innovative design properties
  • Rayon fiber, unique weave spacing and multi-layered construction combine to create a cloth that effectively tackles spills and wipes away germs

  • Versatile applications
  • Use in many areas of the home or workplace
  • Use on granite, formica, wood and plastic (acrylic) surfaces
  • Wipe down kitchen and bathroom counters
  • Wash and wax floors, cars, RVs and boats
  • Polish furniture
  • Easily removes makeup as it gently exfoliates skin

  • Odor and stain-resistant
  • Use regular tap water for rinsing
  • Starch rinses away to reveal a super soft, absorbent material

  • Tough, long-lasting & saves money
  • Economic replacement for paper towels, sponges, dish rags and chemical-based cleaners
  • Can last several months or longer under normal use
  • When it's time to discard, cloths are compostable
  • What's Included

    (10) 11-3/4"L x 10-1/2"W wood fiber general cleaning cloths (10 Teal)


    Material Composition: Wood Fiber
    Care: Machine wash cold, line dry; do not put in dryer or use fabric softener

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